Saturday, May 17, 2014

EMT Voguing Video Might Be Fake, But Fun Anyway

I don't know if the video is fake or not, but this
EMT driver sure seems to be having fun
to the music. Add caption
There's a viral video circulating of an EMT driving an ambulance while voguing to a Rhianna song.

I smell a fake, frankly. It's set up too perfectly, the image is too clear and this kind of thing is not typically released, unless it's associated with some sort of advertisement or prank.

But still, the video is fun, even if it doesn't look like it's safe.

Assuming the EMT doesn't get hurt in the crash he'll surely cause if he keeps up this behavior, somebody will need his services soon.

In a odd sort of way, it is fun to see somebody be taken in so completely by a tune, even if it's dangerous or fake.

Watch and judge for yourself:

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