Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Worst Would-Be Politician Ever Calls Calif. Shooting Victims "Cowering Bitches"

Some politicians pride themselves in being outspoken.  Sometimes that really is a good thing.
On the bright side, Internet troll Todd Kincannon
doesn't appear to have much of a future
in Republican political activism.  

Often, it's not.

There's a guy in South Carolina named Todd Kincannon who apparently has the word "former" in front of all the state Republican jobs he's had.

He's some sort of "activist."  But nobody can stand him or his "activism" so he's gone nowhere with any sort of political career.

So he's fulfilling his life long dream of being an Internet troll, I guess.

He's a Tea Party guy, which is OK, I suppose. But he's also a delusional nutcase who is probably the only person in the world who thinks his ideas make sense. And that he shouldn't get criticized for saying the most outlandish, stupid things.

Kincannon set some sort of record this week when he Tweeted a response to that shooting rampage out in California that left seven people dead, including the mentally ill gunman.

Said Kincannon:  "No idea how my son will die, but I know it won't be cowering like a bitch at UC Santa Barbara. Any son of mine would have been shooting back."

Yeah, I'm sure the relatives of the dead, who were just out minding their own business, are thrilled to hear their loved ones referred to as "cowering bitches."

Responding to Kincannon (loose cannon?) Republican operative and PR guy Frank Luntz decided he had to Tweet what should have been the obvious. "Pro tip (emphasis on Pro) Don't refer to mass shooting victims as bitches."

True, if you want to appeal to the electorate, you might want to act like you are, you know, sane?

Kincannon doesn't think so. He told Luntz "Pussies like you is why we keep losing elections."

No, whack jobs like Kincannon are why Republicans keep losing elections.

There are a lot of conservative people out there, and Republican ideas appeal to a lot of them.  But the weirdos are the ones that get all the attention. Kincannon is the kind of guy that sends people running and screaming away from Republicans.

But he'll never get that. Smug little twerp that he is.

Kincannon thinks he's a comedian, too. When a woman names Gina critcized him on Twitter, he responded. "Gina. Is that short for vagina?"

Yeah, that's a real knee slapper.

Still, I predict a very short and unsuccessful political career for Kincannon. Yes, he has his core of ardent supporters, I'm sure.

But that rustling you hear is the sound of Republicans nationwide understandably putting as much distance between themselves and Kincannon as possible.

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