Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Human Chair" Cesar Larios Saves The Day For Elderly Woman In Stuck Elevator

Kudos go out to Cesar Larios, who works for College Hunks moving company in Tampa, Florida.
 Cesar Larios becomes a human chair for
Rita Young in a stuck elevator recently.  

The elevator broke at the Grand Court Senior Living complex in Tampa. Larios was in the elevator on a moving job. Rita Young, 79, was in the elevator, too.

Problem is, Young can't stand up for any extended period of time. And there tends to be no chairs in elevators. Even stuck ones.

So Larios improvised. He got down on his hand and knees and told Young to sit on his back. He became the Human Chair.

"Bless his heart. 'I could hold you for a least up to an hour,' he said." in a report by CNN's Jeannie Moos.

I also like the fact that we can have a headline involving "Florida Man" and not have it involve somebody doing sick and weird and criminal.

The headline for this incident is fittingly odd for Florida, but nice for a change:  "Florida Man Becomes Human Chair for Elderly Woman."

The elevator was fixed after a little while and nobody was the worse for wear.

Larios got a lot of attention for this when a photo of the incident went viral. And good for him for thinking on his feet hands and knees and giving Young a break.

Watch the Jeannie Moos report. It's fun:

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