Monday, May 19, 2014

World's Most Obnoxious Person Occupies Intersection of Celebrity and Web Hits.

Unlike in many media outlets, I'm not going to name the person I'm about to describe. I know you will be able to find his name in the links, go ahead and click on them, but don't follow any links to any web site associated with this moron.

Here's why: The idiot, described very generously as a "Ukranian journalist" but is really just a loser, makes a game of going to all these Red Carpet Events world wide to be obnoxious with famous people.

He does it for attention and possibly lucrative web hits. And that's why I dislike him so much. It just doensn't seem like an honest day of work to me, and he literally molests people to "earn" his fame and fortune.
The idiot who is the subject of this post
is dragged away after harassing America Ferrera
at Cannes last week.  

The latest bit was when he crawled up into the long flowing dress worn by America Ferrera last week at the Cannes Film Festival. Just a total pervert move.

He's stormed the stage when Adele was winning a Grammy a couple years back, and has tried to grab and kiss the likes of Will Smith, Bradley Cooper and Leonard DeCaprio over the years.

Gawd knows how he gets into these venues all the time. They keep giving him press credentials, but oh well.

Yes, I know celebrities put themselves out to the public, so they should expect a certain loss of privacy and should realized they'll get more scrutiny than the average person.

And yes, it's good to have a sense of humor, a sense of mocking around celebrities. It's fun to pop a few ego bubbles from time to time.

But that doesn't give anybody the license to be a pervert, for fun or profit or any other reason.

They call this guy a prankster. That implies merry. He needs another, negative word to describe him. Obnoxious doesn't do it justice.

And somebody should find a "prank' that teaches him a real lesson.

I'm being a scold and I know it. But this guy is a prime example of the level of commerce in many corners of the Internet.

I'm not sure I like a world where obnoxiousness is a valuable commodity.

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