Monday, May 12, 2014

Channeling Hitchcock's "The Birds" In Channelview, Texas

A lot of us remember that hideously scary movie, "The Birds," that Hitchcock classic in which our feathered friends get decidedly unfriendly.  
Is there a real life sequel to Hitchcock's "The Birds"
brewing in Channelview, Texas?  

In Channelview, Texas recently, it seems some birds there are channeling Hitchcock.

A group of birds attaced trucker Benny Hines as he walked across a parking lot at the Chrome Shop in Channelview, says television station KVUE in Austin. 

The birds knocked Hines to the ground, knocked him unconscious, knocked a tooth out.

The birds also attacked another unfortunate soul at the Chrome Shop, but he was uninjured. The theory is the birds were protecting a young offspring there who hadn't learned to fly yet.

That's a pleasant theory, and also probably true, but my dark side wants to believe that Hitchcock is turning birds evil from beyond the grave.

Judge for yourself. Here's the video of the bird carnage in Channelview:

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