Friday, May 16, 2014

News Anchor Learns Of Friend's Suicide While Reading TelePrompter On Air

My heart goes out to Lee Chingua, a television anchor for Next TV News in Taiwan, who quite possibly had the worst, saddest and most public bad day on the job.
This news anchor in Taiwan learned of her
friend's suicide as she read a TelePrompter
during a newscas. Add caption

She was reading the news off a TelePrompter for a television audience when the scrolling words revealed the breaking news that Taiwanese reporter Erich Shih of CtaTV was found dead of an apparent suicide. 

Chingua was a close friend of Shih. When we learn the news that somebody close to us has died, we want the moment to be private. We want to absorb the huge loss alone, or with a few loved ones near us.

Chingua had to absorb the news while reading the news to a national audience. And somehow she had to remain professional and composed.

Someho, she did it. I don't know how. The words are in Taiwanese, and you can't understand them, but you can see her heart breaking as she reads the news.  (You can click on "cc" at the bottom of the video to get subtitles in English. )

I hope she was taken off the air right after this broadcast, and given the privacy and love she needs.

Her professionalism, though, is incredible. Watch:

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