Tuesday, May 6, 2014

These Military Guy/Dog Reunions Get Me Every Time. Here's A New Best One

I love watching those military guy/dog reunion videos that are all over YouTube.  
Cila and Army veteran Jason Bos reunite at
Chicago's O'Hare airport last week.  

Now, there's a very nice new one that is among the best.

Retired Army Sgt. Jason Bos' most trusted partner when he was deployed to Iraq was Cila, the bomb sniffing dog.

Bos retired two years ago because of a back injury and figured, very sadly, he'd never see Cila, his best buddy, ever again.

It's obvious the two missed each other over those past two years.

Recently, however, it was Cila's turn to retire. Her handler posted that news on Facebook, and Bos saw that he could adopt Cila.

Well, that seemed like an easy enough decision.

Last week, Bos and Cila had their reunion at Chicago's O'Hare airport. It's unclear from the video who was happier about the reunion, Bos or Cila, so I'll let you judge when you see the beautiful video, below.

Note also that within a minute, Bos and Cila fell into their old habits, which seem to include lots of belly rubs for Cila.

Bos said the two will retire to their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where yes, Cila will be allowed ot hang out on the couch.

Watch the video but especially for dog lovers, I do have to issue a major Kleenex alert:

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