Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester Is NOT Lester Holt, Despite What Trump Fans Say

Some Donald Trump fans HATE Jon Lester, apparently.
To clear things up for some Trump fans the guy on the
right, Lester Holt, moderated last week's debate. The guy
on the left, Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester,
had nothing to do with the debate, OK?  

Jon Lester is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, but some of Trump's followers think he is Lester Holt, and they are MAD at him, says Deadspin. 

Lester Holt is the NBC news anchor who moderated last week's debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump, and some of his fans, think Holt was biased against Trump (though most observers thought Holt was pretty fair.)  

However, Jon Lester's last name is the same as Holt's first name, so I guess that means they're the same person, in the eyes of the more stupid Trump fans anyway.

Apparently, anyone with a first or last name "Lester" is as much to blame for anything at the debate as the one and only Lester Holt of NBC News is. 

Our Chicago Cubs pitcher has been getting lots of hate tweets from people saying he was biased during the debate against Trump.

Jon Lester has been patiently Tweeting back at the haters, saying thing like, "I'm pretty busy doing my own thing so I think I"ll be OK. Perhaps you should send this to Lester Holt."

And, "You might want to take that up with Lester Holt."

Often, people accuse Trump of ignoring facts. I guess some of his fans do, too.  

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