Monday, October 17, 2016

Newspaper Decides Therapy Kittens Are Necessary For Next Debate Watch

The Bangor Daily News in Maine has hired therapy kittens
 to help people get through the next, sure to be trying
U.S. Presidential Debate  
It's come to this:

Therapy kittens are now required to get people through the next sure to be tawdry U.S. Presidential Debate.    

Like many newspapers in the nation, the Bangor Daily News in Maine is hosting a debate watching party, in which they invite readers to stop by, watch the debate and react to it for their coverage.

Community minded as the paper is, the Bangor Daily News is taking special precautions, because we all know how traumatic the debates have been for the American public.

The newspaper will have therapy kittens on hand to calm the jangled, angry nerves of the people who will be watching the debate this coming Wednesday.

As the Bangor Daily News noted in its announcement of the debate event, "Kittens tend to make most things better."

As an added bonus, the kittens are adoptable. The Animal League of Greater Portland will have adoption surveys on hand in case somebody is helped by a kitten so much during the debate that they want to make the cutie a permanent member of their household.

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