Wednesday, October 5, 2016

RNC Said Pence Won Debate Two Hours Before It Started

The RNC said Mike Pence won the debate. They
announced the win two hours before the debate started
Some people might say some Republicans are psycho.

Turns out, some of them are psychic. 

At least that's the impression I get from a press release from the National Republican Committee.

Two hours before the Tuesday debate between Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence, the RNC informed us that Pence had won the debate,.

This, remember, is way before neither Kaine nor Pence said a word to each other.

Apparently, we all watched the debate before it happened, too. Amazing.

According to CBS News, the RNC put out this statement nearly two hours before the debate:

"Americans from all across the country tuned in to watch the one and only Vice Presidential debate. During the debate we helped fact check and monitor the conversation in real time. The consensus was clear after the dust settled, Mike Pence was the clear winner of the debate."

So real time is two hours from now? I'm confused.

Also, we're told by the RNC that the debate that nobody heard yet was "resonating" with the American people.

Probably all those psychic rays or something.

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