Friday, October 21, 2016

Gold Star Father Khizr Khan Has New Devastating, Emotional Ad For Hillary, Against Trump.

Khizr Kahn is back with a devastating Hillary Clinton
ad, once again taking Donald Trump to task for the
kind of "America" Trump envisions.
Remember Khizr Kahn?

He was the American Muslim Gold Star dad who stood up at the Democratic National Convention last summer in support of Hillary Clinton, who questioned whether Donald Trump had ever even read the Constitution.  

Kahn's American military hero son died in Iraq in 2004, but his actions in the moment he died saved several other soldiers.

Donald Trump had a totally unnecessary feud with Kahn in the days and weeks after his convention appearance, which helped to erode Trump's popularity. (To be fair, Trump has done a LOT of things to erode his popularity.)

Khizr Kahn is back in the closing days of this sordid presidential campaign in a new, devastating ad for Hillary Clinton.

The highly emotional ad (If you watch it, below, there's a definite Kleexex alert with it.)

Kahn tells us the inspiring, tragic story of his son, then says, "I want to ask Mr. Trump: Would my son have a place in your America?"

Good question, Mr. Kahn. Most normal people would say absolutely. Kahn's son represents the best of American values and sacrifice.

Trump? I'm not so sure.

Watch the new Khizr Kahn/Hillary Clinton ad and judge for yourself:

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