Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dark Video, Cheerful Video And Mahna Mahna Video As We Slog Our Way Toward Election Day

A dark film trailer about a dark guy.  
Today, I've got three incredibly contrasting videos that help sum up this year's tragicomic election season.  

The first one will be very dark. The second one is bright and cheerful. (The fact the second one is from Canada explains the pleasantness.)

The third one at the bottom of this post is my favorite, and I think might be yours, too.

The first video is set up as a movie trailer for a film called "The Sociopath."

It features most of what you've seen from Trump and his very unmerry band of Trumpeter fans, but it's put together quite well.

This, apparently, is a real trailer and a real effort to make a film about Trump. One highlight: Every time I see or hear Trump lately, I think of the Radiohead song "Creep." The kids chorus morosely singing "Creep" in the trailer is a nice touch.

It's next, and below that video, is the cheerful one:

Donald Trump's catchphrase is, of course, "Make America Great Again."

Canadians, knowing that many of us are down in the dumps because of this horrible election, seek to cheer us up by telling us that America is already great.

It is an earnest Canadian effort to make us feel better and it kinda works. Watch:

Finally, we have the best ever recap of the last presidential debate. Since Trump talks nonsense anyway, they inserted the classic Muppets song "Mahna Mahna" into it.

I've ALWAYS loved that ditty since I was a little kid. My sister Lynn and I would do the skit. I would do the Mahna Mahna part, and she would do the "Dee DeeDee Dee" part.

When I got carried away with the Mahna Mahnas as the song calls for, she'd give me a dope slap.

The only way the video you'll see next could possibly be better is if someone were giving Trump dope slaps. Watch and enjoy!

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