Sunday, October 2, 2016

French Man Mysteriously Trashes Apple Store With A Steel Ball

The guy in the pink t-shirt and glasses smashed
several Apple devices in a French shopping mall
because upset he was not reimbursed for something.  
A weird guy came into an Apple store inside a Dijon, France shopping mall and decided to start smashing iPhones and other goods with a steel ball.

I guess that's the stupid news of the day.  

It appears our gentleman was dismayed that the Apple store did not give him a refund he thought he deserved.

According to The Independent, the man, dressed in sunglasses, a maroon sweatshirt, a pink shirt and a white Michael Jackson-esque glove on one hand, said, "Apple is a compnay that violated European consumer rights. They refused to reimburse me. I told them, 'Give me my money back.' They said no. So you know what is happening? This is happening!"

He said this as he smashed down on one iPhone after another with the steel ball in his gloved hand.  He also smashed a few Mac books. '

Shoppers video'd this guy, so there were plenty of witnesses. He tried to run away as security guards approached him, but of course they caught him.

I have a feeling that he's going to out a lot more money than whatever he thought Apple owed him. Police arrested him and at last check he was in custody.

Here's a video or two of this Apple hating guy in action:

Here's a video of the guy after his rampage trying to escape, and looking like he's unhappy he's being detained:

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