Saturday, October 8, 2016

Scary Thing Is, Donald Trump Will Probably Get Even Lower Than This

Yes, Donald Trump could probably sink even lower.
He probably will.
The news is dominated today by that old clip of Donald Trump being a scary, creepy, ultra vulgar predator against women.

Plus, there's Trump's "apology" video that makes other videos of hostages being forced to say things look like the height of sincerity.

He would have done better just quoting the lyrics to that old Radiohead song "Creep":

"I'm a creep.
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here."

You sure don't, Donald!

I think some of the best Twitter reactions to Trump's awfulness have come from Huffington Post reporter Ariel Edwards-Levy, who echoed Trump's famous Muslim ban quote by tweeting, "I'm calling for a total and complete shutdown of Donald Trump interacting with women until we can figure out what's going on."

Edwards-Levy also reminisced about the olden days of last week when Trump's biggest problem was his taxes. And she rightly complained sarcastically that her childhood dream of being a reporter included being online at 1:07 a.m. on a Saturday writing about Donald Trump saying "pussy."

I'm sure Trump's core supporters will stick by him, no matter what. He can do no wrong, in their eyes.

Hillary Clinton probably didn't go far enough when she said some of Trump's supporters were part of a "basket of deplorables."

Not all Trump supporters are as deplorable as Trump himself. Most aren't, in fact. But a few have been learning well from Trump on how to be despicable.

An example: There's a Newsweek reporter who has been aggressively covering Trump. This reporter happens to have epilepsy. So Trump supporters have been sending the reporter videos that are designed to cause epileptic seizures.


I normally don't compare people to Nazis but these wacko supporters are as really as bad as Nazi brown shirts.

Trump will trundle on, having promised to bring up Bill Clinton's sexual escapades during the debate scheduled for tomorrow night. That ought to be a show.

I'm sure Hillary will just fall apart when Trump brings that up. At least Trump believes that, if nobody else.

I can't wait to hear what Hillary has to say during the debate about Trump's "fondness" for women.

Again, that ought to be a show.

By the way, Trump would note that his remarks about women that triggered this latest firestorm were made more than 10 years ago.

But Trump, commenting on sex-scandal prone Anthony Weiner said this three years ago: "Weiner is a sick puppy who will never change - 100% of perverts to back to their ways. Sadly, there is no cure."

This morning, the Donald tweeted, "Certainly has been an interesting 24 hours!"

I don't think interesting is quite the word for it.

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