Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jesse Watters Has To Go

Jesse Waters inflicting his stupidity in Chinatown. 
Jesse Watters' segments on the Bill O'Reilly Show are the most annoying things on television.

He does this stupid man-on-the-street interview schtick, in which he "demonstrates" how dumb everybody who is not a conservative, Bill O'Reilly fan is.

Watters is kind of like those obnoxious little kids who incessantly tells stupid fart jokes to get attention, and you just want to slug the little brat.

This week, Watters got even worse. He went into Chinatown to get areas residents' thoughts on the presidential election.

He does seem to love his Asian stereotypes, asking people such,  um, hilarious questions, such as "Do you know karate?" and "Is Chinese food in China just food?"


The Asian American Journalists Association has demanded an apology from the show, but I'm not holding my breath that such an apology will materialize.

Watters tries to make everybody look dumb. But, black, meet kettle.

Here's the video, if you can stand it

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