Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frozen Cows in HIgh Elevation Cabin: Dinner!

Here's a strange conundrum, at a place called (really!) Conundrum Hot Springs in Colorado.

It started when two Air Force Academy cadets snowshoed up to a cabin at an elevation of 11,200 feet one day in late March. The pair had planned to sleep in the cabin overnight.
Cows like these shouldn't cram themselves into
high elevation camps, just so you know

It didn't happen. That's because the cabin was stuffed with frozen cow carcasses, and the cows apparently really had some diarrhea before they died. Pretty gross.

According to Aspen Daily News reporter Carolyn Sackariason, the problem now is how to get rid of the frozen cows.

The National Forest Service says the cows have to go. They'll rot once the spring thaw really hits, and nobody wants them to contaminate the Conundrum Hot Springs. Because soaking in a contaminated Conundrum Hot Springs would really be a conundrum.

It's not a simple matter of just dragging the cows down the hill. It's an 8.5 mile trek. They're thinking of burning them, and the cabin, since the cabin was going to be torn down anyway. But there's a high risk of fire this spring in Colorado.

They might also just blow them up with explosives, but that fire danger is an issue again. And covering a high mountain top with itty bitty bits of dead cows and manure and cabin parts doesn't seem that appealing to me. But what do I know?

By the way, the cow got into the cabin because, the theory goes, they got caught in an early season cold snap and snowstorm, and sought shelter in the cabin. They jammed themselves in there, then couldnt get out, and died. They're still trying to track down the rancher who owns them.

Why not just carve 'em up for meat? They're still frozen, so it's all good right? Well maybe not, but who knows? I'm sure the quality wouldn't be as good as Omaha Steaks or something like that, but are there takers out there?

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