Saturday, April 14, 2012

Worst Crime Spree Ever? 10 Felonies in 9 Hours

I really think a guy named William Todd needs a good lawyer.

Last week, Todd reported managed to commit ten felonies in nine hours around Nashville, Tennessee.  He was on a layover in Nashville on a Greyhound bus trip. He was apparently bored, so he started his little spree.
Ten felomies in nine hours: This guy is going to jail!

The crimes include breaking and entering, theft, arson and robbery.

And he was bizarre. Some details:

He started by breaking into a haunted house tourist attraction and stealing a taser, revolver and shotgun. He then set the business on fire.
Todd then robbed four people at gunpoint, making off with cash and credit cards.

Police say five minutes later Todd carjacked a cab, then used his newly acquired credit cards to buy food.
Todd then broke into a local lawyers office, ransacked the business then defecated on a desk, smearing feces on some of the framed law degrees.
He then impersonated a female housekeeper and knocked on several hotel room doors.

In one case, police said Todd stole $600 from a Canadian couple. 
Police say Todd then shaved his head before taking off in his stolen cab.
At 9am, police said Todd crashed the stolen cab into a parking garage.
Two hours later he hailed a new one and held the cab driver at knifepoint.

He also wasn't in a very noble spot when he was caught. They found him in a water cooling vat at Opryland. Todd didn't exactly go down swinging.

So, William, was it worth it? It must have been fun for that nine hours, but how many years are you going to be in prison. I'm told prosecutors are not amused.

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