Friday, April 13, 2012

A Hail of a Stupid Kid

Today's installment of "He's Too Stupid To Be Alive" takes us to the lovely town of Woodward, Oklahoma.

They make their storms big in Oklahoma, and a video surfaced of the town being pelted by baseball sized hail earlier this week.

The remarkable thing about the video: The stupid kid walking nonchalantly down the street, as if it were a pleasant spring afternoon.

Baseball sized hail hitting a normal person wcould kill him or her. Three people were injured by hail in Woodward, including a 20 day year old infant hit in the face when a softball sized hailstone crashed through the car she was in. (The little girl had minor injuries, she'll be fine)

But these people were either accidentally caught in their cars by the storm or hit by flying glass inside buildings.

However, the guy in the video is just out for a stroll, since baseball sized hail is perfect weather for a leisurely jaunt outdoors. Adding to the joy, there were apparently a couple of tornadoes swirling near the town at the time the hail was falling.

This guy is so dense he seems to be unscathed. Even the deer in the video was panicking in the hail, but our guy kept trudging, unaware of the bombardment around him.

Watch for yourself and marvel:

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