Friday, April 27, 2012

What Do You Grab From a Burning House?

You've heard the question before, as sort of a parlor game. Your house is on fire and you have to flee. What to you grab on the way out?
What one submitter to "The Burning House
would grab if her house was on fire.

Since everything is found on the Internet these days, somebody created a blog, called The Burning House, that asks just that: People submit a list of items they would grab from their blazing homes.

The blog is a fascinating time waster, a window into the psyche of all of us who would act rationally, irrationally, and very much like humans in an emergency.

For some reason, most of the submitters in The Burning House said they would take their MacBooks.  in (kind of like the one I'm typing away at now.   But of course my house isn't on fire, so we're good)

Most of the people included photographs of the items they would take. Of course, almost everybody would take important papers, wallets, old family photographs, that kind of important stuff.

But it's interesting to see what items are near and dear to some people. Simple items, that wouldn't mean anything to anybody, except to the people who posted in The Burning House. It's an interesting list: dark chocolate, a husband's toy dinosaur, "my favorite Heidi Klum t-shirt," a dollar, high heels, favorite perfume and chunky pearl earrings.

My list would be similar to the people who submitted to the blogs. I'd take my Macbook, my wallet, phone,  a photo of me and my sister Lynn when we were children and fat and had bad haircuts, the teddy bear I had since I was three, a favorite children's book of mine called "The Gift of Nothing," a Diet Coke.

So you tell me, what would you grab first if your house was on fire?

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