Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Peak Chocolate," Could Mean Crisis For Me, Many Others

Many of you might have heard of the concept of "peak oil," in which demand for oil worldwide outstrips supplies and the ability to drill for enough. This, the theory goes, would lead to global chaos, war, death and other highly unpleasant stuff.

To make matters worse, I found another "peak" crisis to fear. Experts say we might be heading toward "peak chocolate," where we want more chocolate than can be produced, according to ABC News.
Possible shortages of this necessity raise fears
of global chaos.

More and more chocoholics are roaming this earth. Meanwhile, cocoa plants, which ultimately give us our chocolate, are finicky, so you can't just plant them anywhere and expect them to be happy, good producers.

So, it might be time for me to start panicking, since going without chocolate is like asking politicians to go without attack ads.

Do I create a bunker to store a cache of chocolate? How do I defend myself from maurading chocoholics coming after my stash? I can see how peak chocolate, like peak oil, can cause worldwide apocalyptic doom.

Let's hope our cocoa scientists can find our way out of this dreadful potential mess.

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