Monday, April 9, 2012

Hating the Gay Unborn Child

"To my unborn child: If you are a fag, I will kill you."

Not exactly the words from Parent of the Year, is it? Somebody did say that though, or at least wrote it down. I'd better explain.

For awhile earlier this year, there was a popular Twitter meme, #ToMyUnbornChild.

Most of the comments were loving or hopeful or wise remarks from parents to their unborn children.

A few of the comments, though, were these terrible statements about disowning kids, or worse, if they turn out to be gay.

Pretty awful, if you watch the public service announcement Moore created:

Sweet, huh?  Other gems: "If you turn out gay, I will burn you alive." and "If you're gay, I'm puttin gyou down, no question about it."

Now you know why so many gay kids are homeless. Their parents kicked them out or threatened to, or tried to kill them.  Because they are so blinded by their ignorance that they can't even love, or even tolerate their own kids.

For proof of just how awful this is, just check out the Al Forney Center In New York, which takes in as many rejected, homeless gay kids as it can. 

These people don't deserve to be parents. I hope the gay kids that have been rejected by their parents recover and have superb lives, while their horrible parents lead a life of misery. We need karma here, folks.

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  1. Watching that video made me so sad and angry.

    To my now born child. You are free to be whoever you are. You are free to love whomever you want. I just want you to be happy.