Friday, April 6, 2012

A New Low: Solar Powered Tanning Salons

Tip of the hat to James Ehlers in Vermont for pointing out this new low: Solar powered tanning beds.

No, it's not enough to sit out in the sun, turn brown, contract melanoma and die. You now pay someone to harnass the sun's power, light up the indoor tanning beds and get you cooking, according to Grist. 

The place is called Sunlounge, in Los Angeles, of course. You'd think it's warm enough in L.A. to just sit outside in the sun, if you so choose.

I don't know. I learned my lesson the hard way. I got too much sun for year, but not at tanning salons. I managed to contract melanoma myself three years ago,  but it was caught wicked early so I'm fine, thank goodness.

But it was still a pain to deal with.  And the surgery scar is not that pretty.

So my advice: Pale, white skin is now fashionable. If you're a real fashionista, try the pale look. Your dermatologist will thank you.

And if you really want to encourage solar power, put a panel up on your roof and make your hot water in the house nice and toasty with that.

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