Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obama Conspiracy Theories Get Hilarious

Did you know Barack Obama, during the 2008 primary, worried that Hillary Clinton learned he was really a Kenyan, unfit for president,  so he told Hillary that he would personally kill her daughter Chelsea unless she shut up about everything, got out of the way and let him win?
Unlike in a goofball conspiracy theory circulating,
this man did not plot to murder Chelsea Clinton.

OK, that's not the least bit true, but it's a real lunatic conspiracy theory circulating out there.

Every president, it seems, is subject to wild conspiracy theories from the fringes, and Barack Obama seems to get some of the looniest, most hilarious ones.

This theory seems to have originated, or at least propogated by a guy named Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily. 

There's lots of good, reliable conservative political Web sites out there. I would say WND is good for um, conservative comic relief rather than serious news. It does have a certain flair, with headlines like Phyllis Schaffley seeing scandals, scandals everywhere! EEEEEEEKKK!!!

And another columnist on the site is appalled that there's so much fraud out there that Mickey Mouse can get on the presidential ballot. Which would probably be a better thing than said columnist getting on the presidential ballot.

Our fearless "Obama wanted to  kill Chelsea" author, Jerome Corsi, has quite an oeuvre himself. The poor guy sees ugly plots all around him. It must be awful living in his world, where the usual bad things we always see are augmented by the even darker conspiracies only he and his fans see.

Corsi has said a terrorist group with ties to al Qaida and criminal gangs was supporting John McCain's 2008 bid for president, that oil companies and others are hiding the notion that oil is a limitless resource and is not a fossil fuel, and Martin Luther King was a shakedown artist.

I appreciate and admire people who think outside the box, have a different take on things, offer fresh ideas. So I suppose I should like Corsi and whoever came up with this Obama as Chelsea murderer idea.

But Mr. Corsi? Guess what? The world is not out to get you. Most people don't care what you think, as harsh as that sounds.  But you're articles are entertaining,  and we thank you very much for brightening our world that way.

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