Saturday, November 23, 2013

Actors Turn YouTube Teenage Flame War Into Hilarious Theatre

As anyone who has even glanced at YouTube knows, the comments section of many videos more often than not turns into a sewer of incredibly immature and moronic arguments, flame wars if you will, with people just announcing to each other that they're stupid and should just die.

And I'm making it seem more intelligent than it is.

A brilliant new YouTube video produced by Adrian Bliss turns one of these inane arguments into comedy brilliance.

The worst and stupidest YouTube comments arguments involve the relative merits of pop bands that appeal to teenage girls.

Reacting to the video for "What Makes You Beautiful" by the boy band One Direction, viewers "Sophe Danze" and "Jillianlovesthebeibs" got into one of these horrible, um discussions.

Bliss hired two Serious Actors, Grahme Edwards and Eryl Lloyd Parry, who Bliss says are much nicer in real life, to reenact the fight. The acting, the cinematography and the score of this short film are absolutely priceless. Now you can watch this brilliance, below:

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