Thursday, November 21, 2013

Amid The Chaos, Some Joy

I often whine about bad news on this blog, but I also like to mix in some more pleasant fare, so I think I'll do that today with three videos that I hope make your day a little better.

Hat tip to great friend and our South African bureau chief Michael McCann for alerting us, via Facebook, to this first video,  from 2012,    of an "Ode To Joy" flash mob. It was sponsored by a bank, but luckily, we don't get any boring banking stuff.

Just a building crescendo of joy. Totally worth the watch:


Next we go back to 2008, for a video that's suddenly become viral again. It's some baby otters who are in a really, really good mood. They'll improve your frame of mind, too:

Finally, highlighted today in Huffington Post, we have a toddler who loves her St. Bernard. Said St. Bernard loves the kid back. Ahhhh......'

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