Friday, November 1, 2013

Nice Afternoon Light For A November Windstorm

This afternoon up in St. Albans, Vermont, we had a TON of wind. I'd say it gusted to at least 50 mph.
Trees in my yard in St. Albans, Vermont, are tossed in strong,
50 mph wind gusts as they are lit up in a golden color by
the setting sun.  Beautiful!  

Toward evening, the setting sun lit up the trees rocking in the gales.

I took a quick iPhone video of it. It's not the greatest quality but you get the idea of the dramatic beauty of the brightly lit storm.

(I also took some video with my higher quality Canon Rebel camera, but I haven't had a chance to look to see if that video is workable yet.

Anyway, here's the iPhone video to give you an idea. I love light and drama. Hope you do to.

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