Friday, November 15, 2013

Is This Guy's Vine Compilation Video Brilliant, Obnoxious, Disturbing Or Funny?

A guy named Logan Paul has put together a YouTube compilation of his Vine videos.
Logan Paul has a hit video.

The video has been all over the place the past 24 hours. Even on NBC News.

You know those Vine videos, right? They last just six seconds. So he did a series of pranks or comedy sketches (alleged comedy sketches?) in the six second videos and piled them all together.

I'm glad I don't know Logan. He'd be hard to hang around with. But I can't decide if he should be rewarded for his comedy or condemned for his obnoxiousness.

I'm leaning toward congratulating him on his comedy, under the assumption he acts better when he's not trying to make funny Vine videos.

Watch the video, and then you decide:

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