Monday, November 25, 2013

Update: Now It's KlearGear's Turn To Get Screwed

Back on November 17, I wrote here in this blog about the scummy outfit called KlearGear, an online purveyer of gizmos, gadgets and bad gifts.
Public Citizen to the rescue of a couple
victimized by an online company.  

The controvery of the day was about a couple who did not get what they ordered from KlearGear, so they published a negative review of the company on an online site.

KlearGear responded by demanding $3,500 saying the terms of service of purchases means they were not allowed to criticize the company. Never mind the terms of service didn't exist when the couple bought the items that led to the problems. And never mind that such a terms of service demand is probably illegal.

But KlearGear pursued, notifying credit reporting agencies to ding their credit so they couldn't get a loan. The couple said they'd sue, but didn't have the money to do so.

I was hoping some lawyer would come forward and help the couple.

Ask and you shall receive.

Enter the legal and public policy advocacy group Public Citizen, which is threatening to sue KlearGear unless certain demands are met. And they are great demands, I must say. KlearGear must report to the credit agencies to make the couple's credit rating stellar again, fork over $75,000 to the couple for the trouble KlearGear has caused, and never implement the "do not disparage" terms of service clause ever again.

No word yet on now KlearGear will respond.

But thanks to traditional media, (television station KUTV in Salt Lake City) which first reported this story, and social media, which spread it like crazy, KlearGear now looks like it might not get away with its shenanigans.

We can only hope.

Meanwhile, KlearGear is basically in hiding, not publicly commenting and shutting down its social media sites. It's target audience is basically social media sites, so this can't be good for a business that supposedly had $47 million in annual revenue.

I'll just repeat what the blog Popehat has to say about the situation:

"KlearGear deserves to fail as a business based on this conduct, and hopefully will." 

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  1. Kleargear is a 100% FRAUD.