Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Morons Use E-Cigarettes As New Annoying, Damaging Way To Litter

I've always hated people who throw their cigarette butts out the windows of cars as they travel down the road.
A crushed e-cigarette cartridge probably
destroyed a car tire like they always do.  

What do they think? Those disgusting cigarette stubs will magically disapapear? That they're as claen and the driven snow? Help the environment? Never cause brush fires during dry weather? Never have to be picked up by disgusted homeowners who live along the route of these obnoxious litterers?

Now, of course, some smokers are turning to e-cigarettes in an attempt to either quit or reduce the amount of cancer causing gunk going into their bodies. And what are they doing with the e-cigarette cartridges once their exhausted.

Yep, throwing them out their car windows to add to the litter. And these cartridges turn out to be much worse than those old school cigarette butts. They're made of sharp metal and are are slashing tires of unsuspecting motorists as they travel over the cartridges thrown there by moronic, selfish, e-cigarette smokers.

These cartridges aren't the same as nails. You run over a nail, puncture your tire, get a patch, and it's not that expensive and you're good to go. The e-cigarette cartridges gash tires, so you have to replace them. Which gets pricey.

But you e-cigarette smokers who toss their garbage out the car windows don't care, do you?  Hey, who cares if you bust some poor slob's budget with the damage you cause with your e-cigarettes  so you can enjoy your so-called Great American Right To Litter And Make A Huge Mess?

I imagine a suddenly gashed tire from a discarded e-cigarette cartridge will cause a few fatal accidents. But what's a few deaths if you can enjoy your e-cigarette? And throw your cartridge everywhere. Yes, your rights to do that trump people's right to live, right?

I know this screed won't stop you e-cigarette users or regular cigarette smokers from throwing their butts out their car windows. You're too self-centered and dumb as a sack of rocks for that, I know.

But I swear, if I catch anyone throwing an e-cigarette cartridge out their windows, and especially if it wrecks somebody's tire, I will personally go to your house and slash all four tires on your car.

And hide some extra sharp e-cigarette cartridges in the food in your refrigerator.

Because you deserve nothing less.

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