Friday, November 29, 2013

Update: Told Ya: Black Thanksgiving/Friday Fights, Violence, Gunshots, Ugliness

I ranted yesterday about the stupidity of Black Friday and now, this year Thanksgiving shopping stampedes the result in fights, injuries, and just general ugly behavior.
Black Friday violence last year. Similar
scenes are being reported across the country today.  

True to form, as of 7 a.m. this Friday morning, there have been several reports across the nation of people being shot, stabbed, punched and assaulted over these store "sales" So far, there have been no reports of deaths.

According to NBC News, there was a litany of bad behavior. A man was shot in Las Vegas as thieves tried to steal the big screen TV he just bought. There was a big fight in a California Walmart parking lot because somebody tried to cut in line. At a West Virginia Walmart, somebody was badly stabbed over a fight centering on a parking space.

Early Friday morning, the Huffington Post had a series of videos and Tweets posted about numerous incidents of bad behavior at Walmarts overnight.

On the bright side, in a update from yesterday, Pizza Hut corporate media relations stepped in on a Pizza Hut franchise owner who fired a manager for refusing to work on Thanksgiving. Pizza Hut offered to rehire the manager after a public outcry.  No word yet if the guy even wants the job back.

Ah, the holidays. A time for peace and joy and giving and aggravated assault in the middle of a fight over a cheap television.

Here's a heartwarming video over sale items, supposedly at a Washington State Walmart last night.

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