Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pervert Edition: Man Has Weird 1st Amendment Upskirt Photo Argument

A weirdo in Boston has come up with a novel application of the First Amendment.
Police said this moron
thinks he has the right to take
"upskirt photos" of
unsuspecting women.  

He says he has every right to sneak "upskirt photographs," quickly getting a snapshot of the area beneath a woman's skirt as he follows her, say, as she's climbing up a flight of stairs.

Yes, I know. Creepy.

According to the Boston Herald, Michael Robertson says that since the First Amendment protects the public's right to take photographs in public places, he can do this since the women he's stalking are in public places. 

It is true you can photograph pretty much anything to your heart's content while you're out in public streets. You don't have the right not to be included in a photograph as you're walking along a municipally owned street.

But lawyers say we do, of course, have some rights to privacy. Which common sense dictates that a woman should be able to wear a skirt while walking down the street without some weirdo like Robertson harassing them.

And Michael, Michael, Michael. Do you honestly think people will say, Oh, yeah. It's fine if you stalk woman with your camera like that?

Isn't there any online porn you can look at while you're home or something? Geez! Get a life!

In any event, Massachusetts lawmakers are considering legislation that would more specifically ban "upskirt photography" since it's clear people like Robertson need clarification on the issue.

As I side note, the Boston Herald had maybe an embarrasing error in their original report. They had a picture of a guy that made it look like he was Robertson, the upskirt photo pervert. But the guy in the photo had nothing to do with Robertson or the upskirt weirdness.


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