Thursday, November 7, 2013

Moron Of The Week Hits At Least Four Cars With Stolen SUV, Thinks He Can Get Away

Today we get from Chicago the less-than-heartwarming video of a guy driving a stolen black SUV who has just hit a taxi.
The black SUV hits a cab, on its way to
hitting several other cars as guy driving
stolen vehicle acts like a moron.  

The cabbie tries to stop the driver, even trying to bust out the passenger side window. The SUV driver decides to make a daring getaway!

Instead, he crashes into at least four cars. He does get away momentarily, but the reports are the cops naturally caught up with the loser. He faces multiple charges.  

So far they have not identified the jerk in the SUV.

The cab driver faces some discipline from his boss, but won't be fired. You're not supposed to confront morons like the SUV driver, says the boss. The cab driver is out of work for a week, too, while is cab is being fixed.

Here's the sad, sad video.  

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