Friday, September 11, 2015

Found This Old Russian "The Voice" Audition And Am Blown Away

Nargiz Zakirova wows 'em on the Russian
version of "The Voice" back in 2013  
While sick and bored a few weeks ago, I idly browsed YouTube videos, and found the gem you'll see below.

I'm one of those silly reality contest show fans. Well, I like some of them. A lot of them are stupid.

I do like "The Voice," especially the auditions, when the judges, all singers and musicians, can't see the performer, but decide whether they like them based only on the singing voice they hear.

The judges sit in chairs with their backs to the performer. If the judges like what they hear, they push a button, their chair swings around 180 degrees, and the judges then see the performer.

The new season of "The Voice" starts on September 21 in the United States, so that's good for me.

Many of these shows, including "The Voice," have franchises in many, many countries.

Including Russia.

A heavily tattooed, badass looking woman named Nargiz Zakirova in 2013 auditioned in The Voice Russia by singing the power ballad rock anthem "Still Loving You" by the Scorpions.

I really like that song, but Zakirova does it MUCH better than even the Scorpions. I hope we get some talent as good as this in the United States version of the show this year.


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