Sunday, September 27, 2015

How Not To Kill A Spider At A Gas Station

Here's why you don't kill a spider crawling across
your gas cap on your car with a cigarette lighter
while you're pumping gas.  
So a guy pulls up to a gas pump near Detroit, Michigan and starts filling up.

Unfortunately, a spider starts to walk across the car, right across where the gas was pouring into his tank.

Like many people, our hero HATES spiders. Detests them. Is scared of him. The spider Has. To. Die.

So what does this guy do? He whips out his cigarette lighter, and decides to set fire to the spider, Which is on the gas intake on the car. While he is pumping gas, reported Fox 2 News Detroit. 

You'll never guess what happens next.

But you did, didn't you!!!

Luckily, nobody got hurt. Except maybe the spider. Information is sorely lacking on the spider's fate.

But the gas pump was destroyed. And our hero will forever be known as an almost Darwin Award nominee.

Luckily, the gas station attendent was on the ball, and shut off the flow of gasoline as soon as she saw the flames.

The car, believe it or not, suffered just light damage. And the guy came back the next day to finish filling his gas tank. This time, there were no spiders, so things went OK.

Watch for yourself if you really want to watch dumb:

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