Thursday, September 24, 2015

This Blog Goes To The Dogs Again

The Fort Worth Dog Train in action  
Being a dog lover, you have to put up with me offering dog news every now and again.

But dog news is almost always fun.

Case in point: A guy named Eugene Bostick, 80, owns a horse barn on a dead end street around Fort Worth, Texas.

People sometimes abandon dogs there, and he kindly takes them in and offers them food and shelter.

Bostick knows dogs need activity and fun, so he likes to take them to a nearby creek. But how to get them there.

Well, all aboard the doggie train! Here's the video from 2013, and then there's one more great doggie video to share after that:

In the other bit, a man named Scott Moore said at first, he kept his new baby away from beagle, named Buddy, because he didn't want either to get hurt.

But finally it was time for the kid and Buddy to have a meeting.

See for yourself, but it looks like this first meeting went well. Awwww!!!!

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