Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Woman Casually Gets Out Of Car On Busy Highway, Lets Car Roll Away, Crash

A woman casually gets out of a moiving car
and causes a strange vehicle crash in California.  
I confess when I first saw the video you'll watch at the bottom of this post, I thought it was totally fake.

It's not.

It's a dash cam taken by somebody driving along a fairly busy highway near San Bernardino, California.

At first, everything is normal. The music inside the dash cam car is a little odd, but that's OK.

Then the Hyundai directly in front of the car with the camera comes to a screeching halt and camera car comes THIS CLOSE to rear-ending the suddenly stopped car.

A woman casually gets out of the car and starts to walk down the median. The stretch of highway here goes down a hill, so the Hyundai rolls down the highway, crosses the median into oncoming traffic and causes a pretty nasty crash.

The woman who got out of the car, Jasmine Lacey, 22, of San Bernardino, was taken to a hospital for what police said was a "non injury related reason," reports the San Bernardino Sun newspaper. 

Read between the lines. "Non injury" must mean driving under the influence or a mental health problem.

Apparently, Lacey is pretty much almost going to get away with this. The San Bernardino Sun says Lacey was arrested for driving under the influence, but was later released from custody due to insufficient evidence to support a criminal complaint.


Still, the video demonstrates why I worry so much about the crazies out there on the roads. Judging from what I see, there's lots of them, and their numbers seem to be increasing all the time.

Heres the video:

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