Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lady Gaga Gets Serious In Her Provocative New Song and Video

A still from the video for Lady Gaga's new
song, "Till It Happens To You."
I've always been a fan of Lady Gaga.

Yeah, people would snicker at me as I enjoyed the weirdness of her early hits with her outlandish outfits, even more outlandish videosand singing that was in part just sound effects.

Remember "Bad Romance"?  And these deep lyrics:

"Rah rah ah ah ah
Ro ma ro ma ma
Gaga oh la la 
Want your bad romance"

Sounds like a baby on acid.

But I loved the song, and all her music. Even in her weirdest stages, she has the goods, the pipes. She really can sing. And she could put on quite a show

Then Lady Gaga did a 180 and formed an unlikely but winning partnership with Tony Bennett. They made beautiful music together, definitely.

Now she's back, with something that is decidedly not beautiful, but is important and excellent and serious. No weirdness here. Just a raw, in your face message.

Lady Gaga's new song is  called "Till It Happens To You."

The song is the theme for the campus rape documentary "The Hunting Ground."

The video is really a PSA about rapes on college campuses. There's even a warning at the beginning of the video to say it's graphic. Some of the images are disturbing, but they do get their point across.

We understand a portion of the proceeds for this song will go to survivors of sexual assault.

Lady Gaga is one of those artists that change and grow and alter themselves at the drop of a hat, it seems. When she does that for good reasons, good causes, you can only admire her more.

Here's the video:

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