Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Woman's Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend Makes ME Hurt

A woman in Australia burned her cheating
boyfriend's penis with a hair straightener.  
A sad reality in life is that sometimes, when one partner cheats on another, things get ugly. And I mean uglier than the fight and breakup you'd expect in such a situation.

So it was in Australia, where a woman caused third degree burns on each side of a man's penis with a hair straightener because she was mad she cheated on him.


I'm not laughing, really, because this is a serious assault. Doctors said he needs two years of treatment to heal, and even then he will be scarred and his penis won't function properly.

The woman, Bronwyn Joy Parker, only received a suspended jail sentence.

Be forewarned. Do not go to Australia and date this woman. Especially if you're the cheating kind.

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