Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leave Megan Kelly Alone Even If You Don't Like Megyn Kelly

If Trump supporter want to criticize Megyn Kelly of Fox
News, fine. Just leave Megan Kelly, 24, of Pittsburgh alone  
There's a woman named Megan Kelly who I'm sure you've never heard of. She's 24 years old, and a project manager for a marketing company in Pittsburgh.

Sounds fine, but she ain't famous.

However: This is a public service announcement to all you Donald Trump fans who don't like Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host, pissed off Trump and his supporters weeks ago when she asked some Trump blunt questions during the Republican debate. Trump is still going after Megyn Kelly over that, and so are his supporters.

Which brings us back to Megan Kelly, the Pittsburgh project manager. She's been getting a TON of nasty emails from Trump supporters. They're apparently confusing Megan with Megyn, says Gawker. 

Stop it!  I don't know what Megan Kelly's opinion of Trump is, but it's surely spiraling downhill now that she's getting all those mistaken nastygrams from the Trump contingent.

Gawker notes that it's hard to understand how the Trump crowd got Pittsburgh Megan Kelly's email address anyway. It's not obvious, so logical guesses probably didn't work. But then again, many of Trump's supporters aren't particularly logical.

Also, Gawker points out the obvious. It's very easy to Google Megyn Kelly the Fox News person, and obtain the correct spelling of her name. It would also be easy through Google to obtain  her email address.

But a hallmark of Trump and many of his supporters is unfocused rage, so why focus their anger on the right person? When any Megan Kelly would do.

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