Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lousy Guy Dumps 8,500 Tons Of Trash In National Forest

Some of the trash Benjamin Yoho dumped
in a Colorado National Forest.  
My least favorite person of the week award goes to Benjamin Yoho, 41, of Telluride, Colorado.

He dumped 8,500 pounds of trash into the Uncompahgre National Forest in Colorado.

For his efforts, he got six months in prison for the crime.

People do drop litter along hiking trails all the time, ignoring the rule that if you take it in, you take it out.

It's unclear why Yoho dumped all this trash in the forest. It took 48 volunteers to haul the trash out of the forest via helicopter last May.

Yes, I get it. Yoho didn't exactly commit the ultimate crime against humanity. There are plenty of people doing much worse things in the world today. Murder, war, corruption, theft, you name it.

But dumping this much trash in a pristine forest seems such an affront to me. There might have been a hoarding disorder going on with him. The judge ordered Yoho to undergo mental health counseling.

But still, they should have made Yoho clean up this mess all by himself. During a heat wave. Without water.

I hope he doesn't trash his jail cell. Loser.

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