Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Kim Davis Anti Gay Bigot Hypocricy Train Rolls On. Sigh.

The mug shot of jailed idiot Kentucky county
clerk has the right wing inflamed, and the rest
of us thinking about how tedious she and her friends are.
I know I've maybe written quite enough of Kim Davis, that idiot county clerk from Kentucky who decided to go to jail rather than issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

I also know I won't change the minds of the people who inexplicably support her, but really, I'm one of zillions of people who MUST vent about her.

In the grand scheme of things, she's not all that important, but I still always worry when people hijack politics and policy in an attempt to force the nation to embrace their toxic "religion."

There are a lot of villians here besides Davis, that's for sure. It's amazing the creative ways find to justify this bigotry.

Some of this bigotry is just downright hilarious.  Rich Wiles, an End Times nutcase, suggested China and Russia might launch nuclear strikes against the United States in retaliation for jailing Davis and supporting the "Homosexual Gaystapo."

Um, right.

The most common trope I've seen is with the jailing of Davis, the government is rounding up Christians because of their beliefs. "The federal government has started to incarcerate Christians," Todd Starnes of Fox News breathlessly Tweeted.

No, the jailing of one person for failing to uphold the oath of an elected office after failing to follow orders of the court.

I'm being Captain Obvious here, but nobody is being jailed for their religious beliefs. Davis can say whatever she wants. And if we're rounding up Christians for proclaiming their beliefs, then why isn't Davis' fourth husband in jail as he has been very publicly supporting her beliefs.

Because the First Amendment is still solidly in place, that's why.

We'd better hope presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is never elected, as he obviously wants to turn this nation into a theocracy. Here's his Tweet: "Kim Davis in federal custody removes all doubts about the criminalization of Christianuty in this country."

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz basically said the same thing. And on the bright side, Huckabee's planned "Free Kim Davis" rally next week at the jail she's being held at ought to be a hoot

So it's OK for the government to deny services to the public because of the government official's religion?

Of course, the goverment was giving Davis some religious accommodation. She could have stepped aside and let a deputy issue marriage licenses, but she would not let anybody in her office do that.

Says German Lopez at Vox:

"So when people like Huckabee and Cruz come to Davis's defense, they're not standing for religious liberties They're advocating for someone's ability to use her role as a government official to impose her religion on others, including people on her own staff in a way that discriminates against same sex couples. If that doesn't violate the separation of church and state enshrined in the Constitution, I'm not sure what does."

Huckabee and his ilk are just rewriting history. If you don't like the facts, change the "facts" to suit your ideology.

For instance, faux historian and evangelical David Barton said the Founding Fathers "made it real clear that the laws of God are higher than the laws of man."

So that whole separation of church and state thing was just put in there as a joke then?

Some people are comparing Davis to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

One insightful, sarcastic Tweet I saw written by Kip Manley puts that idea to shame. "Kim Davis is the bus driver, unjustly prevented from being able to force Rosa Parks to sit in the back."

The hypocricy among the Davis crowd is something else. One classic example was cited by the JoeMyGod blog yesterday. A flight attendant who is a recent convert to Islam is suing because her newfound religious fervor makes it a moral issue to serve alcohol to people on planes.

Over at the very conservative site Brietbart, Pam Geller is having none of it, asking why the Muslim would want to be a flight attendant in the first place if it involves serving alcohol. And what about the right of passengers to be served alcohol, which is completely legal in the United States. And the flight attendant is asking for special rights, which is unfair, Geller said.

All possibly valid points, really. So why doesn't it apply to Davis?

As Joe Jervis of JoeMyGod writes:

"Brand new religious fervor? Check. Won't do the job she was hired for? Check. Demand for special exemption? Check. Public denied totally legal service? Check. But hey - this time it's not a godly white Christian woman, therefore very suddenly (and only-this-one-time-plus-for-all-other Muslims) separation of church and state is an actual THING."

All these threats to civil and religious liberties that Davis thinks she is "protecting" is reason to worry, of course. We need to counter their silly arguments even as we know we won't convince people like Davis, Huckabee and the Right Wing Nut Brigade.

Still, we need to laugh, too.

To celebrate our contempt for Davis, here's a nice ditty Sandy and Richard Riccardi wrote and posted about her, called "Shut Up And Do Your Motherfucking Job"

As you can tell by the title, there is some NSFW language in here, but it is FUN!

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