Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Oklahoma Teacher Thinks 4-Year Old Is Satan Because He Is Left Handed

The smiling kid in this photo is not Satan. But it's possible
he's a little devil at times like most kids.
But his left-handedness does not make him evil.  
Zayde Sands, 4, just started pre-school a couple months back.

Congratulations Zayde!

Not so fast, actually.

Zayde's mom. Alisha Sands learned from a teacher from the school that her child is possibly satanic.


He's left handed.

According to television station KFOR in Oklahoma City, Zayde came home the other day and was doing a wriing assignment with his right hand.

Which was odd, since his mom said he was always a lefty.

She asked Zayde what was going on, and the kid told his mom the teacher said the left hand was bad.

So, Alisha Sands did what every parent would do. She contacted the school and asked what was going on.

The teacher responded by sending Alish a note with an article that called left-handedness "unlucky" and "evil" and "sinister", KFOR reported. The article also noted, "for example, the devil is often portrayed as left handed."

By the way, the teacher took the article out of context.  The article in question was by Donna D'Alessandro, Professor of Pediatrics at Universioty of Iowa Children's Hospital.

D'Alessandro was just giving the historical context of left handedness. The good doctor was not saying being left handed was bad. Or good for that matter. She was just saying it happens and it's no big deal. Duh!  .

In any event, Alisha Sands was NOT happy with the teacher, that's for sure. "It breaks my heart for him because someone actually belives that, believes my child is evil because he's left handed, it's crazy," she told KFOR.

The mom said went to the superintendent. No luck there. She says the teacher wasn't even punished for this.

KFOR reached out to the school, but the superintendent wasn't in and the principal isn't talking.

So, Alisha Sands has no choice but to disrupt the kid's early education by pulling him out of that school, away from the teacher who says Zayde is evil, and find another school.

Hopefully one in which the teachers aren't nutcases.

Of course, this left hand is evil business might be why evangelicals in particular seem to hate President Obama.

He's a lefty, too.

So not only is he a Kenyan Muslim, he's the devil incarnate and occupying the White House


Personally, I'm right handed, but maybe I'll train myself to be left handed. In solidarity with Zayde. Maybe I'll even use an obscene gesture with my left hand and aim it at the kid's (former) zany teacher.

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