Friday, July 27, 2012

Bear Cub Rescue Turns Popular

This video below in this post has been all over Facebook, but I have to share it anyway, since it's so fun and cute.

The Facebook posts don't give the backstory. According to ABC News, Tom and Shirley Schenk of Ruidoso, New Mexico, heard the bear cubs crying all night in a trash dumpster near their home.

The bears had been around before, and bears had figured out how to unlock the dumpster and get inside. Sometimes, they couldn't get out. The Schenks developed a tried and true rescue method for trapped bears, and even had the ladder ready for a quick rescue.

At first light, the Schenks put their rescue plan into place. If you haven't seen it, watch the video to see whether the rescue was successful If you have seen it, it's worth another watch:

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