Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update: Hopeful Signs in Mississippi Church Racism Incident

The other day I railed against the Crystal Springs, Mississippi First Baptist Church, where some members of the congregation objected to a couple getting married in the church because they are black.

The pastor married the couple in another church. The morons who forced the couple out of the church for their nuptials have not been identified yet. However, it's become clear that quite a few other members of First Baptist are not happy with the racist, wimpy group in their midst.

Church members have stepped forward to condemn what is called a small group who instigated the ban on the couple marrying in their church.

The Jackson Clarion Ledger had an excellent story about the pastor's sermon Sunday, after the controversy blew up.  It's clear, to my relief at least, that most members of the church are not the idiots that caused the problem

To their credit, people are not digging in their heels, and want a sense of healing.  I still wish the horrible people who live in the dark ages,  those living, in their minds at least, in the 1950s, would be identified so that they could feel the full force of the nation's objections.

Still, I wonder how many Neanderthals are out there in this world, and if it's possible for anything can change their minds. And I wonder how anybody can live with themselves for hating large groups of people. Just because it's tradition.

If they're so religious, it's time to ask themselves: Who's going to heaven, and who's going to hell?  

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