Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photogenic Vermont Thunderheads Delight

We've been blessed in Vermont over the past several days by mostly clear skies and not much haze. Amid this clear air, widely scattered thunderstorms have erupted in the warm, humid air.
A distant thunderstorm, as seen from
St. Albans, Vermont Sunday

This kind of weather leads to my favorite kind of skies. Blue, with big billowy white towers with ominous black bases. Those are the scattered thunderstorms.

The clouds give Vermont an almost tropical feel.  I took more pictures of some pretty storms today, but I'm still not really caught up with Sunday's photos.

Still, I'm able to share some of the photos as I sift through dozens of photos of clouds with really cool shapes, textures and colors.

These storms are visible from amazing distances when the air is almost free of haze. That's because they're so tall, they loom over the hills and mountains that usually block views of distant areas from Vermont.

Right after I photographed a distant storm Sunday,  I consulted National Weather Service radar to see where the storm was.  It was situated about 70 miles southwest of where I was.

More scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast for the next few days. I have a feeling my camera is going to get a workout.
A detail showing the top of a distant thunderstorm
as seen from St. Albans Sunday.
A thunderstorm rises over Lake Champlain
as seen from Burlington Monday. 

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