Saturday, August 4, 2012

Romney Pic and More Proof Men Who Abuse Spouces Often Stupid

In a sad case out of Tennesee, a local man was charged with domestic abuse because he hit his live-in girlfriend because he was suspicious she was planning an affair.

That's not funny, of course. But if the police reports are right, this guy is also dumb, dumb, dumb, in addition to being more than a jerk.
Lowell Turpin, accused of domestic violence and
being ignorant.

What set him off was a photo of a rather good looking guy on the woman's Facebook page. Aha! Proof that she was getting some action on the side.

The picture was of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.  Apparently, the woman was interested in politics. Good enough.

But not good enough for "boyfriend" Lowell Turpin, no sir, according to police. Turpin thought Romney was the guy his gal was having the affair. He'd never heard of Mitt Romney? Knew what he looked like?

Um,  I think Romney has been in the news at least a couple times  this year. Even if you don't pay attention, you'd think Romney would have popped up somewhere in your mind as not necessarily a random guy seeking an affair with a woman in Tennesseee.

So let's hope the woman in question gets away from Turpin forever, and hope the Turpin is punished. And though I normally wish that as many people vote as possible, I really hope Turpin doesn't.

He's really not what I'd consider an informed voter, wouldn't you agree?

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