Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classy Wedding? You Can Get Married at a Denny's!

As readers of this blog might know, I'm getting married very soon (Twelve days to go!)

Of course, the wedding plans are set. The venue is ready, so is the caterer, the photographer and everything else that goes with some fine nuptials. It will be a glorious day.
This Las Vegas Denny's will have a wedding chapel

However, when Jeff and I were planning our wedding, we were unaware of the following option: We could have gotten married at a Denny's in Las Vegas!

Yep, a new Denny's diner about to open in Vegas has a wedding chapel as a centerpiece.

Just think. Instead of getting married in a venerable old theater on a lovely Vermont college campus, we could have said our "I do's" amid some drunken partiers who have late night munchies.

Instead of hirinig a caterer who will offer some tasty hors d' voeuvres,  we could have had some runny eggs and rubbery pancakes to celebrate the beginning or our new life together.

Jeff and I hired a photographer named Andy Duback, a talented professional who has done superb work at countless weddings, and in lots of other settings. Plus is pretty much the staff photographer for the theatrical productions that are regular features in the theater where we will wed.

Geez, maybe we could have just had the staggering masses in the Denny's shoot lopsided, blurred images of us with their barely functioning iPhones.

But no, we'll skip the Denny's wedding. I think fast food leads to fast marriages. You know, the ones that are over in a flash. Jeff and I plan to stay married for a long, long time. As in forever.

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