Friday, August 31, 2012

"Once in a Blue Moon" Comes Tonight

I hope you get a chance to see the Blue Moon tonight. A blue moon is defined as a full moon that appears for the second time within the same month. It doesn't happen often, which is I guess an origin of the phrase "once in a blue moon."

I don't think it will actually look blue. It's not made of blue cheese, after all. Actually, the moon often looks blue, especially on frigid winter nights when it glows a bitter cold blue light.

The next blue moon is scheduled for July 31, 2015, so it will be awhile before we see it again.

Speaking of the moon, apropos of nothing, why is there the following glitch in the English language? Why can we have sunny days, but never moony nights? Why must evenings be so formal, as in moonlit. If it's clear tonight, it will be moony in my book. Deal with it.

Seems that all my associations with the term "blue moon" no matter how tangential, are positive, so I'm looking forward to tonight's blue moon. Maybe I'll buy some Blue Moon beer, which I like, to accompany my lunar musings. 

The blue moon gives me an excuse to dredge up The Gong Show, of all things. Unrelated to a blue moon you say?

But of course it is!! There was a 1979 episode of The Gong Show featuring contestants called "Daddy-O" singing "Blue Moon." Bonus: It's a song I really like. The band is actually quite good, even if the show was the drug fueled, hazy mess we all know and love.

I wonder what pharmeceuticals host Chuck Barris was on. It really looked like the drugs knocked him for a loop most nights. And what did J.P. Morgan ever do besides judge on the Gong Show?

 The Gong Show was ahead of its time, let me tell you. After all, it's basically the same format as "America's Got Talent." Though it seems AGT's host, Nick Cannon, does not appear to abuse drugs, like Barris might have. 
 See what the blue moon is doing to me? It's making me loony. So I'll stop now, and let you watch that brief, wonderful episode of the Gong Show, just for old time's sake. :

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