Saturday, August 18, 2012

Disturbing Man Wants to Rape Protestor

A disturbing video surfaced last week of a demonstration in support of the LGBT community in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A counter protester, from what to me is a weird group called Black Hebrew Israelites, threatened to rape a woman who was among the LGBT supporters.

 The guy wanted to teach the woman a lesson, to make her learn the proper role, the proper place for women, at least in his mind.

I'm all for free speech, but the threat seemed real.  If we're going to talk about the proper place for people, a good place for this scary guy is in jail.

Grand Rapids Police said they didn't make an arrest because there was no specific complaint against the guy or guys threatening to rape. And they had the right to protest against the LGBT demonstrators.

And that's true, people have the right to say just about anything out on the street that they want to. But I wonder if that extends to making threats. I do hope the Grand Rapids police still have an active investigation on this.

Watch the video for yourself, but be warned, it's NSFW due to bad language, and it is rather disturbing:

There seems to be a lot of this women bashing going on by the fundementalists wackos. A guy named the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson in a  lengthy diatribe of how women should never have gotten the right to vote.

Said he:  "The one thing I know for sure without a doubt (is that) women cannot handle power...It's not real power anyway. Power that the world give you is not power. It's all ego-building"

Then there's the video from this guy, below, who says essentially that maybe good Christian woman shouldn't go to college but should make babies instead. You know to increase the population Evangelicals.

Just seems odd, that it seems more and more people want women to go back to the dark ages or something. What's the problem, afraid that women are running things better than you are, bud>

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