Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dumb Smart Car Chase Fascinates America

Boy, today's news out of Houston spread on this here Internet thingy fast, didn't it?

In case you haven't heard, an apparently dumb guy led police on a not-so-high speed chase while driving one of those little Smart Cars.
A still from a video showing the Great Smart Car/
Dumb Guy Houston Police chase of '12.

The guy supposedly weighs 240 pounds, so I don't know how he actually got himself into the Smart Car, but never mind.

Speeds reached as high as 92 mph.

The Daily What, among other outlets, pretty much captured the scene with their headline: "Adorable Police Chase of the Day."

Of the day? You mean there's at least one adorable police chase every day? Why don't I ever see this here where I live in Vermont.

Aa many media outlets speculated, maybe the driver, David Wheaton, figured he wouldn't raise suspicions while driving a cute little car. He'd already gotten two DUI's in the past.

I guess that plan didn't work great, huh?

Give the guy credit, though. This was an environmentaly friendly police chase, as police chases go.

Here's the video, in case you need tips on how to elude, or not elude,  police in a tiny little car.

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